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My 14 year old daughter Madeline has had numerous life long health issues:

Low muscle tone

Chronic knee and ankle injuries


Problems focusing

Weak eye muscles


Low level depression and more.

She has been to every kind of specialist and therapist there is to no avail. I was so impressed with how Dr. Shah helped me with migraines that I had Madeline and my son Kyle evaluated.

I was shocked to find out she had Klippel Fiel Syndrome, scoliosis and that her C1 had been out since birth! (pediatrician, developmental pediatrician and traditional chiropractor all missed this).

She began treatment about two months ago and since then her spine has been straightening, her posture is better, her focus is improving, her hormones have regulated, her complexion has improved, no migraines, and her neck curvature is returning to normal. She is more willing to spend time with her family and we are so grateful.

I am so grateful that Madeline have finally gotten the care she needs and is not facing a lifetime of pain and health problems.

- Amy K.


My 16 year old son Kyle had Chronic Low Back and Neck Pain, was diagnosed for ADD/ADHD, and Fatigue.

He had been under traditional chiropractic care for years. He is very active and athletic and would often be in pain after baseball games.

His C1 (first bone in the spine) was out since birth.

He has been under treatment with Dr. Shah for about five weeks.

His pain has gotten significantly better, his posture, digestion, mobility, focus in school and sleeping have improved.

Dr. Shah has been very helpful by giving him stretches to do and guiding him in the nutritional and lifestyle changes he needs to make. I am so grateful that Kyle has finally gotten the care he needs and is not facing a lifetime of pain and health problems.


~ Amy K.

Hawthorn Woods Chiropractor | ADD/ADHD. Dr. Kinjal Shah is a Hawthorn Woods Chiropractor.