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How NUCCA Works

Chiropractic is based on the idea of removing imbalances both structural and postural in an effort to allow our body to heal itself. For this to happen the network of nerves and signals from your brain, down your spinal cord, to the network of nerves must be allowed to flow freely without any interruption.

How NUCCA works?

A gentle touch and controlled contact on the first vertebrae in the neck is a little-known chiropractic procedure that corrects the position of the top vertebra of the spine, the atlas. NUCCA adjusting is designed to restore balance to the spine. Even though the primary focus is the neck, the effects of the correction influence the whole spine and all body systems. This is because the NUCCA procedure influences one of the highest control centers over body balance, the brain stem and central nervous system.

The NUCCA chiropractor's work is based on the principle of restoration. While medical doctors base their treatment on making an exact diagnosis, the NUCCA chiropractor bases his/her services to the patient on an accurate analysis of the Atlas subluxation and its restoration to normal position, a process which helps the sick body to effectively combat its disease processes. This is the process of self-healing and is evident in every and any disease which the body contracts.

The nervous system controls every single cell, tissue, nerves, muscles and the organ system in our body. It controls how a person feels, sees, hears, detects and identifies odors, thinks, how he/she relates to the surrounding environment. In short, the extent to which a person functions and the degree to which he/she operates depends on the activity of his/her nervous system.

Misaligned cervical vertebrae at the base of the skull change the electro-chemical flow of impulses through the nervous system, harmfully affecting normal functions at all levels of the body and causing bodily distortions and disease. When these misalignments occur, interfering with the normal electrochemical nerve energy flow, their correction is essential to a patient's ability to heal.

"The examination, analysis, and restoration of these misaligned vertebrae and their harmful effects on the body constitutes the service rendered by the NUCCA chiropractor."

Hawthorn Woods Chiropractor | How NUCCA Works. Dr. Kinjal Shah is a Hawthorn Woods Chiropractor.