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Migraine Headaches

My life has improved dramatically since starting treatment with Dr. Shah. I've had Migraines for over 22 years which have gotten progressively worse over the years. In the last year I began getting them every day, sometimes twice a day. I've seen numerous specialists and spent a long time with traditional chiropractic while just getting worse. I was barely able to have enough rescue drugs to make it until the next refill and was always pushing the drug limits. When the drugs failed I would be vomiting, unable to eat or drink and incapacitated for up to three days. When the drugs worked the side effects made me very fatigued. Every day I was exhausted, stressed, depressed and just resigned that this is just my life now.

I gave up so many days to Migraine headaches, yet this wasn't an option most days, with a business to run and three kids, I had to just push myself to get through each day. Thankfully, my very kind traditional chiropractor referred me to Dr. Shah, as she said she couldn't help me. I was skeptical, I have heard many, many healthcare provider say they can help with Migraines, but couldn't help me.

I decided to set up an appointment with Dr Shah as I was desperate and just sick of being sick. On the first visit Dr. Shah spent a long time going over my health history and experiences before the exam. On the second visit, she went over the x ray results in great detail, her comprehensive medical knowledge is impressive. I was shocked to find out my C1 had been out of alignment for 29 years! (I had years of treatment with traditional chiropractors who believed they were adjusting my C1). The adjustment is so subtle and non-invasive, it's over before you know it.

That was over two months ago, the new normal for me is to be virtually migraine free. It's now been almost seven weeks since I've needed any rescue drugs. My migraines are also hormone related, so it took about a month for things to get dramatically better. The hormones are still regulating back to normal, so the only problem I still have is when my hormones get out of line, causing my C1 to go out, I get a migraine. But this migraine is so mild I don't even need a rescue drug. I call Dr. Shah right away, she fits me in the same day and I'm good again.

My sleeping, digestion, appetite, circulation and mood have also gotten much better. I had reoccurring low back pain for seventeen years and a rib that kept going out, both of which are healing nicely and barely bother me now. It is such a relief not to be dependent on drugs and to be free of the fear of not having enough, and pushing the limits just to make it through the day. It is such a pleasure to have my life back.

Dr. Shah is outstanding on so many levels. She truly wants her patients to get better and will spend whatever time is necessary to do so. She says she wants to find people who are suffering, as she knows she can help them. She has gone above and beyond by helping me with nutrition, hormone balancing and total health care. The best feeling is that she doesn't just treat and move on, she's with me for the long haul and continues to help. Her office is clean and welcoming. Appointment wait time is not at all to very reasonable.

To anyone suffering with migraines, do not continue to put your time, money or faith in neurologists, headache specialists, therapists, alternative medicine, nutritional supplements or traditional chiropractic. I have tried them all exhaustively and this is only an ill-fitting band-aid on the symptoms of migraines. NUCCA care with Dr. Shah fixes the source of all the suffering. I cannot emphasize enough how much my life has improved. Dr. Shah has been a lifesaver, a life changer and a true blessing. She has also helped my children and husband… I am so grateful to you. I could never thank you enough.

- Amy K
Gurnee, IL

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