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NUCCA Examination

An examination containing the following steps is performed to determine the presence of an Atlas misalignment (subluxation):


1. Nervoscope

The Nervoscope detects uneven distributions of heat along the spine which can be indicative of inflammation and nerve pressure. This instrument is guided down the length of your back and feels like two fingers gliding down each side of your spine.

2. Supine Leg Check

The supine leg check is an upper cervical chiropractic examination procedure used to determine the presence of the atlas misalignment (atlas subluxation complex). When the atlas misaligns, the muscles on one side of the back contract more than the other. The contracted muscles cause the hips and spine to be pulled in an unbalanced position, drawing one leg “shorter” than the other. The presence of a shorter leg is one sign that a person suffers from the atlas misalignment.

3. Posture Check

The posture is checked by using a specific device called hip calipers which determines the pelvic levels. The central reticular formation is a center in the brain that controls the spional balance in every person.  When there is stress to the central nervous system in the atlas area, usually due to misalignment, the facilitatory center overcomes the inhibitory centers in the brainstem controlled by the central reticular formation.


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