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Leg Pain

The Wonderful World that is My Life, Thanks to Dr. Shah

Sharing my story of NUCCA care with Dr. Shah is a privilege, and I hope that it will help newcomers in their decision to undergo treatment at Aligned Family Spinal Care.

My experience started about five years ago with a traditional chiropractor that I was seeing three times a week. Things had been going seemingly well until one day, a neck adjustment made me nearly collapse with pain. For the next month, I felt like something medieval had taken permanent residence in my neck. Needless to say, that doctor was no longer in my employ. Not more than two years later, my body had become visually lopsided. By the time I started seeking help from traditional chiropractors, orthopedics, very expensive supplements and physical therapists, all to no avail, my left leg was so much bigger than my right that people would point it out to me as if I were unaware. Imagine the feeling of muscle fatigue that you get after a workout; my left leg felt it all day, every day.

Enter Dr. Shah

One random, beautiful day in the summer of 2015, My fiancée and I decided to take a few laps around the Veggie Fest that was taking place at a nearby college. We spotted Dr. Shah’s booth and to be honest, I didn’t give it much thought at first… That is until I saw her diagram of the human body with a troubled area being portrayed on the right calf. I nearly ran up to her booth and said “I think we should talk.”

Two weeks later I am at her office getting specific upper cervical x-rays. It’s about an hour travel time each way, and I would make it happen even if it meant getting there on my hands and knees. Her office is always comfortable, clean and peaceful. Dr. Shah is always professional, and her passion for her work is only surpassed by her humble demeanor. I am comfortable telling her anything because she is always a good listener and never judgmental, the sign of a true healer in my book. My first adjustment was quite the experience. Being fearful of the scary “neck yank,” I was quite relieved to find out that NUCCA adjustments are quite different. The gentle and specific adjustment requires no such yank. It can hardly be felt, yet it has such an astounding effect that you truly have to experience for yourself to believe. The rush of emotions will be different for everyone, some people laugh, some people cry, for me it was giggles. I believe this is because my leg immediately felt a release from the constant firing for the first time in God knows how long. I had forgotten what relief felt like.

I have now been under Dr. Shah’s care for about five months, and every day my neck gets a little stronger and my body gets a little more balanced. It’s a little crazy at times to feel my body go through intense healing sessions, where old pains will resurface and disappear after being fixed. Over the past two weeks, I have felt many similar sensations and pains that I did when my former traditional chiropractor tweaked my neck out of alignment, and I have to say I enjoy the sensations because I know that my body is finally correcting this horrible imbalance. Dr. Shah has helped me not only with my health but with my lifestyle as well. Never have I felt better, both mentally and physically, and I owe it to the support of Dr. Shah. I consider her to be a member of the family and I am honored that she is in my life. NUCCA chiropractic is the real deal, and to say that I recommend Aligned Family Spinal Care would be the understatement of the century.

- Garrison W.

Hawthorn Woods Chiropractor | Leg Pain. Dr. Kinjal Shah is a Hawthorn Woods Chiropractor.