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NUCCA and Diabetes Type II


NUCCA and Diabetes
Type II diabetes is a condition that results in increased blood glucose levels along with hypoglycemia when fasting. Because of this, diabetes may lead to complications in renal (kidney) function as well as cardiovascular function. Diabetes can also affect nerve function in the legs and feet, a condition called diabetic neuropathy. The primary treatment method is to provide insulin to the patient to maintain a normal blood glucose level. However, many are seeking natural ways to control blood sugar.

A Study on the Acute Effects of NUCCA on Diabetic Patients
A study was conducted involving six diabetic patients who were given upper cervical adjustments by a chiropractor using the NUCCA method. Blood sugar levels, blood pressure, pulse, and other indicators were checked prior to care as well as 1, 2, and 3 hours after the adjustment to see the acute effects of upper cervical care on a fasting diabetic patient.

The Exciting Results of the Study
In the week prior to care, these patients experienced an average drop in blood sugar by 31.5 over the course of 3 hours of fasting. As a result of this part of the health condition, many patients have to carry glucose pills in case levels get dangerously low between meals. However, blood sugar levels leveled off during the week of the study with a 3 hour fast only causing a 16.7 drop.

Ongoing Research May Lead to New Diabetes Alternatives
This is the first exciting indication that upper cervical care may be able to help level off blood glucose fluctuations, even for those who are suffering from a condition such as type II diabetes. Thus, longterm monitoring has been recommended to determine the potential for continuous benefits. It is our hope that this research will lead to more evidence of upper cervical chiropractic as a natural alternative for help in dealing with conditions like diabetes.

Source: nucca.org

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