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NUCCA and Pinched Nerves

NUCCA and Pinched Nerves

Pinched nerve is frequently a misnomer as the nerve is not necessarily pinched but irritated. However when someone says that they have a pinched nerve it’s usually because they are experiencing pain, tingling, numbness, weakness, and other symptoms in an affected area of the body depending on the nerve that is involved. For example, pain and others symptoms may occur in the lower back, buttocks, and legs if the sciatic nerve is irritated. An affected nerve in the face can lead to an extremely painful condition called trigeminal neuralgia. Irritated nerves in other locations can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, shoulder pain, or a host of other difficulties.

The solution to pinched nerves is often medication to deal with the pain until it goes away. Some doctors may recommend surgery to relieve severe, chronic pain by moving whatever is irritating the nerve. However, there are many who are searching for natural ways to relieve the symptoms of a pinched nerve without resorting to medication that can be potentially addictive or that have other harmful side effects or surgeries which are invasive can cause a host of other problems.

The Underlying Cause of Pinched Nerves

An upper cervical subluxation can result in pinched nerve symptoms. For example, when the C1 vertebra (atlas) is misaligned, the entire spine may be affected due to the righting reflex. This is the body’s way of keeping the head straight and the eyes level with the horizon. As a result, the shifts in bone and soft tissue may put pressure on the sciatic nerve causing the symptoms of sciatica.

That is just one example. Bone and soft tissue shifts due to an atlas misalignment can also affect the nerves in the face, shoulders, arms, and even the vestibular nerve that coordinates balance for the body. Because of this, case studies exist that show the resolution of everything from carpal tunnel syndrome (Burcon, 2009) to trigeminal neuralgia (Murphy et al., 2014) thanks to upper cervical chiropractic care.

NUCCA and Pinched Nerves

NUCCA is an especially specific and gentle form of upper cervical chiropractic that involves the use of specialized x-rays to pinpoint the exact location and degree of the subluxation. A low force correction gently coaxes the atlas back into proper alignment. This allows the bones and soft tissue of the body to naturally be restored to normal positioning. Thus, pressure may be relieved from pinched nerves that were causing pain, numbness, tingling, and other symptoms.


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