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As a 15 year old student playing a Varsity sport in high school, injuries aren’t an option. During the tennis season, I began to experience lower back pain. It progressively got worse, so I want to a traditional chiropractor who checked it out. He didn’t really diagnose the pain as anything.

Back in January, my mom met Dr. Shah at the Vitamin shop where she was fascinated by what Dr. Shah told her. When my mom came home she told me that we should try a new chiropractor but I was hesitant because I didn’t believe my back could get better. At my first visit, Dr. Shah went through my medical history and took a couple x-ray and quickly diagnosed my case as scoliosis. She explained how the NUCCA procedure is done and why I need it. Doctor performed my first alignment, and I felt so much better with no back pain or stress from all the hurting I felt after tennis practices. With every visit I was able to keep my alignment longer and longer. Another pain I had was with my jaw. Every morning I would have to crack it to be able to fully open my mouth which caused pain to shoot around my mouth. Dr. Shah taught me some massages to do at home, to help the muscles in my jaw and the cracking lessened.

I was taught to watch my diet and be aware of the food I consumed. "The painless chiropractic work that was gentle and like magic, extremely helped my body and life". Teaching me about the importance of healthy eating and being careful of my everyday tasks.

- Dasha I.


I just wanted to write to share my experience with NUCCA, more specifically Dr. Shah. My daughter, who is 14, was diagnosed at her last annual physical with mild scoliosis. The doctor wanted to see her again in 3 months to see if it was progressing and to keep an eye on it. At the return visit the curvature had gotten worse. She wanted to see her again in 3 months and we talked of sending her to a specialist who would likely have her wear a brace.

At this point, I had a good friend who had just started NUCCA for her 14 year old daughter's headaches. My daughter also has many other health issues so after hearing about the science and logic behind NUCCA I definitely wanted to try this type of chiropractic for her. As expected her X-ray and testing findings showed significant unbalance.

She was adjusted by Dr. Shah and within one month showed significant improvement in her alignment. We followed up with her primary for her recheck and the doctor said, “Wow. She looks significantly better. I don't even need to see her again for this.” Needless to say, we are very pleased to have fixed the underlying problem painlessly and quickly. We are very grateful to Dr. Shah and the services that she provides.

- Beth L.

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