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Relief of Torticollis with Upper Cervical Care

What is Torticollis?

Torticollis is a condition that involves a twisted neck that causes the head to tip to one side, with the chin turned to the opposite side, a condition that can be inherited, brought on by genetic changes; developed because of damage to the spine, muscles or the nervous system. Torticollis may develop in adulthood or childhood, in which case it’s called Congenital Torticollis, meaning it was apparent at birth, it is caused when the infant’s head was in the wrong position while developing in the womb or the blood supply to the neck has been altered or the muscles injured.


Symptoms of wry neck or torticollis can begin slowly. They may also worsen over time. The most common symptoms include:

  • an inability to move your head normally
  • neck pain or stiffness
  • a headache
  • having one shoulder higher than the other
  • swollen neck muscles
  • a tilting of your chin to one side

Non-invasive Natural Torticollis Treatment

In most cases, Torticollis can be successfully relieved without drugs or surgery with upper cervical chiropractic care. The focus of upper cervical is to restore normal alignment, noninvasively. The upper cervical chiropractic approach is very gentle without any the popping, cracking or twisting of the spine, common with other manipulative approaches. The number of adjustments needed varies depending on the severity of the injury and the symptoms. While many Torticollis sufferers remember the traumas that may have caused the injury like falls, car accidents or head injuries, some don’t which often requires more testing.

The main objective of upper cervical chiropractic care is to reverse the trauma triggered upper neck injury, reducing irritation to the injured central nervous system (spinal cord and brain). The initial visit to the upper cervical chiropractor generally consists of a spinal exam along with diagnostic tests including X-rays. Postural examination, thermography and other testing may be required in order to assess whether or not an upper cervical injury is present and if upper cervical chiropractic care can be beneficial. Once the examination and diagnostic tests are complete the upper cervical doctor will determine the best plan of care. In most cases, patients who have upper cervical chiropractic care notice an improvement in Torticollis symptoms within the first few days or weeks of treatment.

Hawthorn Woods Chiropractor | Relief of Torticollis with Upper Cervical Care. Dr. Kinjal Shah is a Hawthorn Woods Chiropractor.